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Eastern State Penitentiary/Battleship NJ - Oct 12-13, 2013

posted Aug 13, 2013, 9:35 PM by Troop Scoutmaster

The October outing is touring Eastern State Penitentiary on Saturday Oct 12 with an overnight on the Battleship NJ.

If someone can't make the penitentiary during the day (family, school activities, etc) and would still like to do the encampment, this is possible.  The cost would be reduced ($10-$14), but you may have to provide your own transportation to the battleship.  If anyone is interested in this option, email Mr. Martell directly.

Since the troop has several expensive back to back outings, permission slips need to be turned in on or before Sept 11, 2013 but you do not need to turn your payment in until Oct 2, 2013.  A scout is trustworthy.

Due to the cancellation policy of the battleship's encampment program, once you make the commitment to attend this outing, you need to attend or find another Scout to take your place.  Reservations will be placed on September 12.  The troop will pay a non-refundable down payment for every Scout attending.  The last time the troop stayed on the battleship, 3 people could not attend and had to pay the full amount.

Since the penitentiary offers discounts, the cost for this outing is variable.  See the permission slip for more details.

The permission slip attached below.

Troop Scoutmaster,
Aug 13, 2013, 9:35 PM